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Archives for October 2013

All-State Chorus: The Experience

                          (Photo credit to Laurel Stelter)   After months of preparation, six chorus members’ hard work paid off with selection to the all-state choir. Auditions took place Sept. 26th in Indianola. Tom Palmer, Tristan Miedema, Jack Parisee, Colton Bradley, Faith VanWyngarden, and Mark

What Rustles my Jimmies: Halloween Edition

It’s time for fright, candy and more annoyances during the scariest time of the year Halloween! Welcome to “What Rustles my Jimmies: Halloween Edition!” This edition will be pointing out more than one annoyance about this holiday of fun, sweets and freaks. Let’s point out some annoying Halloween stuff! One thing I find annoying on

Madrigals Results

  Madrigals 1 Soprano: Rachel Mueller, Eleanor Witt, Theresa Lauritsen, Shanae Burch, Klaire DeVos Alto: Iloria Phoenix, Faith Van Wyngarden, Katie Bennett, Kayla Bentz, Sarah Muller Tenor: Tristan Miedema, Mike Roozeboom, Colton Bradley, Joel Williams, Nathan Chaplin Bass: Tom Palmer, Mark Vos, Travis Dingeman, James DeYoung, Aaron DeJoode Madrigals 2 Soprano: Mariah Kooyman, Paige Miller,

All-State Music Participants

Six students were chosen for All-State Chorus in auditions held Oct. 26. Seniors Jack Parisee, Tom Palmer and Tristan Miedema will return for a second year while senior Faith Van Wyngarden and juniors Colton Bradley and Mark Vos were chosen for the first time. Seniors Kayla Bentz and Rachel Mueller were recalled.   Freshman Bellara


                                              (Photo credit to Ashley Kirkland) Rankings in high school sports can be both good and bad. While athletes get a sense of major accomplishment, it can also put a lot of pressure

2013 Marching Dutch Recap

The 2013 Marching Dutch season came to an end the night of Oct. 19 as they marched their last competitive marching performance at Ankeny. “The 2013 fall show was entitled On Air andcentered on man’s wonder and pursuit of flight. It utilized several audio clip quotes and poems about flight that were played while the

Get to Know: Kara Neumann

Kara Neumann, a sophomore, is from Stillwell, Okla. She is a new student here, she answered Pelladium.com’s questions.   Do you like your classes? What class do you enjoy the most?  “Yes I do, the classes I enjoy the most are advanced chemistry and ag class.”   How is Pella High School different from your

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