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Archives for November 2013

Top 10 Black Friday Steals

Ah, Black Friday. The day where everyone goes out to snatch the best deals stores have to offer. If you’re going out for this annual day, here are some great deals that are being offered stores are offering around Des Moines.   1. Target- $279.99 Element 40” 1080p LED TV. Who doesn’t love getting great

Who To Follow

Welcome to the first week of the new weekly series called “Who to Follow?” Social networking is a big part of a lot of peoples’ lives. The social networking sites/ applications known as Twitter and Vine are making their way up in the ranks. Twitter is the third most used social network, following Youtube (ranked

Martin Pays it Forward

Senior Hannah Martin flashes back to freshman year. Her name had just been called over the loudspeaker. She made her way to the office between classes, dodging upperclassmen, and hoping she wasn’t in trouble. Awaiting her was a neatly wrapped bag of goodies. “Hannah” was all that was written on the front. She accepted it,

All-State Football Finalist

Four football players were among those named to the Des Moines Register All-State Football Team announced Sunday. Senior Nathan Clayberg earned Elite Defense and Class 3A First Team Defense honors. It was his second time on the 3A honor list. Junior Garret Jansen was Class 3A First Team Defense after being named to the second

The Teacher Games Day 7 Recap

Day 7   In the arena, time almost stands still. For us, the viewers, time merely does the opposite. It has been seven days since our tributes entered the arena looking for the crown. Today, three remain standing, all fighting for one thing: their lives. Over the last three days, two tributes fell,  alliances were

The Teacher Games Day Four Recap

After four days in the arena, only five tributes remain. Alliances are beginning to fall apart and no one is safe anymore. The two deaths yesterday came from Miss Jensen, who decided it was time to end her alliance with the English teachers. She woke up early in the morning and saw that her two

The Teacher Games Day Three Recap

Day three in the games was unlike the others. Instead of timid gameplay and tributes hiding to survive, day three had become a bloodbath. Five total deaths were racked up in the arena yesterday. The first death came when the English Teachers were walking down the bank of the river for water. As they bent

Basketball Pump-up

[embedvideo id=”nB-kOFIHHzQ” website=”youtube”] The fellas are at it again, this time, building excitement for the boys and girls upcoming basketball season.

The Teacher Games Day Two Recap

Day two of the teacher games has concluded and the tributes have fought hard to survive these last two days. However, there were two more deaths last night.  The first came right before dusk. Mr. Solomon happened to make his way back to the cornucopia, not yet knowing that it was already taken. As he

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