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What Rustles my Jimmies Finale

Nice to see you reading “What Rustles my Jimmies!” Annoyances galore! As we end the year 2013 with favorite memories, we also remember the annoyances of 2013. I have covered loud trucks in the parking lot, sociology emails and the new lunch menu, but we add all the stories up for this one. An end-of-year

Photo of the Week

Students showed their Christmas spirit by wearing their best ugly sweaters to the game on Friday, Dec. 13. “The most exciting part of dressing up was being able to wear my favorite Christmas sweater, and being able to see everyone else’s outfits,” said sophomore Molly Howard. Although they played a great game, Pella lost against

Christmas Foods

Tis’ the season to be cooking. With friends and family surrounding the table this holiday season, it’s hard to please everyone’s appetites. Considering who to address with this issue, I went to my mother, Lori Lourens, for the perfect recipes to fill anyone at holiday parties or dinners. However, my taste buds might be a

The Pella Regional airport by Kathy Connolly

The Pella Regional Airport project has been fighting an uphill battle for sometime now. Its main issue being the farmers who will be forced to move due to the space it needs to be built. In turn, the small downside of farmers being forced to move is causing the vital reasons the airport should be

The Gift that Never Stops Giving

The Gift that Never Stops Giving Pella Food Service Worker Donates Kidney to Unknown Patient             Imagine walking into a room and seeing a person you have been waiting to see for a year, yet never meeting this person physically in your lifetime beforehand. This is how food service worker, Dixie Roorda, felt after donating

Is iStudy Effective?

When the school year started, many changes came into effect, and along with those changes was the transition from regular study hall to “iStudy”. iStudy was designed to help students progress in their classes by filling out a sheet that keeps track of grades. If students improve grades to a certain extent, they have an

Rocking Around the Christmas Traditions

Sitting by the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, watching Christmas movies…all parts of the holiday season. Sitting down and watching movies like “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “A Christmas Story” and spending time with grandparents telling stories of their past are just some of the ways to spend Christmas. “On Christmas Eve we go to

End of the Year Music Recommendations: Jackson, Chase, and Josh

Childish Gambino: Because the Internet- Childish Gambino is a less popular, alternative rapper, who is known for his extreme creativity and witty lyrics. As his popularity begins to rise, his first album since 2011 has been pre-ordered by millions. Wonderful rap songs with magnificent beats like “IV. Sweatpants” and “V.3005” are sure to be great

Light it up Blue

This Friday, December 13, students should wear blue for autism awareness. There will also be a raffle with various donated items being given out at lunch. Raffle tickets will cost $1 each.

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