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Archives for August 2014

App of the Month

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has released a new app, which is both challenging and fun. Swing Copters is finding its way on to every smartphone in the world. When first released, the game found its way to the third spot in free apps. Currently it is sitting in the thirteenth spot.  After receiving over

Shrek The Musical Cast

Cast: Shrek– Joel Williams Fiona– Eleanor Witt Donkey– Nathan Henry Lord Farquaad– Chase Petty Teen Fiona- Lexi DeJong Dragon- Mariah Kooyman Captain of the Guard- Nathan Chaplin Thelonius- Mathew Weihe Grumpy (Farquaad’s Father)- Davis VandeSteeg Pied Piper- Jarod Martens Bishop- Mathew Weihe Duloc Greeter- Erica Nossaman Blue Bird- Lexi DeJong Young Fiona- Courtney Chaplin Papa