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Top Ten Horror Movies of All Time

The crisp fall air hits faces like a stepping out of a hot tub on a chill winter evening. The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn an orangish-yellow and our once closest ridden sweatshirts have reappeared once again. Along with this all-so-familiar time of the year comes the popular holiday, Halloween. With Halloween

Best Virtual Assistant

Ever wondered which virtual assistant is the best? We have Siri for the iPhone 5s, Cortana from the Nokia Lumia 635, and Google Now for HTC One. We asked a few hand-picked assistants to do certain tasks, such as opening an app or playing music. Keep in mind that these assistants are the most common

FFA Soils the Competition

On September 23rd the Pella FFA group attended the district soil competition in Knoxville. There were 30 other teams from the South Central district. The Pella FFA group ended up on top of the district, and they are now advancing to state. Many people reading this are probably wondering what FFA is and what does

1 on 1 with Grant Judkins

Junior Grant Judkins has always been a fan of the game of baseball. Judkins has dedicated his life to becoming the best player he can be, and so far, it’s working pretty well. Judkins received a prestigious 9/10 recruiting rating from a baseball showcase he attended after clocking a 87 miles per hour fastball. Judkins

TV Shows You Should Be Watching

Blacklist In its second season, Raymond Rendition is back to checking names on his list with the help of the FBI and their resources. Red’s wife has been captured by the most feared blacklister- Berlin. Mondays 9/8 Central   Walking Dead In its fifth season, season five reveals the true motives of the people of

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