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Archives for January 2015

What Rustles my Jimmies 2

Hi, welcome to “What Rustles my Jimmies!” Sorry about the wait ever since the 1st one came out, but I had so many things making my jimmies rustle that my brain needed to be on cooldown. Now that I have “cooled” down, let’s agree on some annoyances.   How’s the weather out there? Being the

Growing: The Spread of Vine Culture

Vines are everywhere. No, not the plant. The six seconds of video that have taken social media by storm. Whether you are on Twitter, Instagram, or any other website, the popular six-second videos have branched out from the colorful video-sharing app. Social media, in general, is becoming a tool for people to become rich and

Chick Clicks: An Introduction

Greetings, and welcome to Chick Clicks. This is going to be an ongoing series of pretentious insights and jokes not even close to being welcome on Comedy Central made by us, the only web girls, freshmen Harley Atchison and Brenna Hildebrand.   This web series was created due to a very unique set of circumstances.