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Archives for April 2015

The Car Guy Returns! Pelladium.com version

The Car Guy Returns Hello my dear readers, it is I, the Car Guy, and I have returned for another spectacular article on everything automotive.   Today I would like to discuss the wonderful topic that is the exhaust system of our vehicles.  The exhaust system is in charge of allowing an exit point for the

Avengers: Age of Ultron Preview (SPOILERS)

This coming month, Marvel Comics will be releasing “Avengers: Age of Ultron” on May 1. Midnight release is not confirmed, but expected for midnight premiere. If you have seen the first “Avengers,” we last left our heroes with ruins of the big battle of New York City when Loki released the Chituari from a portal

Boys Soccer Preview 2015

Returning Varsity Seth Johnston (Sr.) Captain Ryan Whichhart (Sr.) Captain Will Warner (Jr.) Captian Christian Hamilton (Sr.) Sawyer Burton (Sr.) Logan Heerema (Sr.) Todd Van Dyke (Sr.) Andre Hernandez (Sr.) Chase Petty (Sr.) Johnny Tiskevics (Sr.) Reid Leidigh (So.) John-Michael Zalcburg (Jr.)   New Members Nathan Henry (Jr.) Ethan Poulter (Fr.) Jason Seo (So.) Nick