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Football Preview

The past two years Pella High School football team has won two state titles in a row. The question on everyone’s mind is how is our football team is going to do this year. “I think we will be competitive in every game we play,” said Head Coach Jay McKinstrey. This year the Pella High


“Welcome to the Block Party!” This is the theme for the Pella High School Volleyball team, and there is no doubt the block party is being delivered. This year the Pella High School Volleyball team has a lot of returning talent, losing only one player off last year’s team.  They are an experienced team with

Caffeine Addiction

Maybe it’s a coffee, maybe it’s a latte, and maybe it’s a white chocolate mocha, extra flavor, half caff, no whip, with soy milk. What do all of these have in common? They all have caffeine. And lots of it. Caffeine is a stimulant to your nervous system, blocking melatonin from reaching your brain to

Explaining the Meme: Harambe

“Rest in peace Harambe.” Have you ever said this phrase? Even if you’ve never spoken it yourself, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard it before. But for the few that don’t know, who is Harambe? Harambe was one of the ten endangered silverback gorillas cared for at the Cincinnati Zoo. Earlier this year, he was


Every other year our choir department hosts a fall musical. This year, the director, Michelle Chaplin has decided on the popular and well known musical,  The Music Man. One of the reasons Chaplin chose this play is because of its connection to Iowa. “It is a great show about being from Iowa and offers a


Tattoo’s have been around for centuries. Humans have used these skin deep markings on their body to portray many different things. In the past tattoos were used for expressing religious belief or even to show social status, but tattoos have always been a personal way of expressing oneself even in our generation, generation Z. It

Meet the Coach: Mr. Culter

Coach Cutler   How long have you been coaching at Pella? Do you have any prior coaching experience? “This is my 12th season as Head Coach of Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country. I coached seven seasons prior to coming to Pella in Missouri.”   What do you love about coaching cross country? “Everyone participates, everyone

Baseball Recap

On May 23, the Pella Dutch baseball team started their journey to another successful season under Head Coach Jesse Jablonski. They went 31-9, eclipsing the 30-win mark for the second straight year. The Dutch boasted a 15-3 record in conference leading to their second consecutive conference title. They defeated Newton and Knoxville to win their

Marching Band

Marching band season is here, and the Pella High students start practice on the field at 7:30 a.m. every school day.  This year’s show is titled “España,” but  it was originally titled “Red.” The band directors changed the name because when they we looking at visuals for the show, they decided to have less red

In the Mind of Gabi

With school starting back up, I think we are all feeling a little busier; some of us are in sports, band, and other extracurriculars that tend to take up a lot of time. Add work on top of that, with homework, tests, and all the life decisions being made and you end up with one

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