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Archives for October 2017

The History Behind the 2018 AcaPella Show: “Revolution”

Last year, AcaPella brought a murder mystery to the stage with the show What Happened To Mr. Body? and things are no less heated this time around. This year’s show, entitled Revolution, takes the audience back to 1776 in the midst of the American struggle for independence. Inspired in part by the Broadway musical Hamilton,

Spooky Movie Review: Hush

In the past year, I have started to slowly build up my scary movie resumé. As I have watched more and more horror films, I have realized that I really, really hate being scared. So, naturally, I decided it would be a top notch idea to write a review on a scary movie for the

Five things to know before applying to college

Being a senior is rough. On top of taking an advanced course load, you need to worry about applications to colleges and scholarships. If you haven’t gone through this process before, it can all seem very daunting and scary. Here are 5 tips to help you apply to college. The early bird gets the worm.

The Return of It

Twenty-seven years ago, the first sign of It appeared on the big screen from the pages of Stephen King’s novel. In 1990, It was broadcasted for families to see as a TV Mini-Series. This later was put together to make one movie, which aired on November 18, 1990. The videos were directed by Tommy Lee

Q & A with Levi Dugger

The Marching Dutch performs their show “Pinball Wizard” in Ankeny at the Mid-Iowa Band Championship and the IHSMA State Contest in Pella on October 14. Junior Levi Dugger is a drum major for the Pella marching band. Reporter Tessa Vander Molen interviewed Dugger about his role as drum major and the Marching Dutch’s show. Q.

5 Wacky Conspiracy Theories

5. The Reptilian Elite – We’ve all heard of the top 1% of wealthy Americans, but did you know that they are all evil reptile aliens. From Barack Obama to Queen Elizabeth, everyone is secretly related by reptilian blood from space. This theory was developed by David Icke, a former BBC radio and television host.


The 2017 volleyball season has started for Pella High School. The team had eight seniors graduate last year, but has many returning players. There are a total of four seniors and five juniors, all returning varsity players. “It always takes a while to build chemistry on the volleyball court. This team is really unified off

Zoe Card on Business Horizons Summer Camp

Sophomore Zoe Card was awarded a scholarship from the Des Moines Register to attend the Business Horizons Camp at Central College last summer. Zoe wrote many drafts of an application essay to send to the Des Moines Register in order to considered for the scholarship. The article that Card wrote about was how she would

The Marching Dutch: Pinball Wizard

The Marching Dutch season is underway at Pella High School with their show Pinball Wizard. The band started preparing for the show during their official band camp which started on August 7. Students who are in the Marching Dutch continue preparation by showing up to the school at 7:30 a.m. for morning rehearsal. The band

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