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Archives for December 2017

Trends That Sum Up 2017

1.Dabbing The dance trend that everyone does to annoy someone else. 2.Rubbing Foundation in with anything other than a Beauty Blender. 2018 might bring out all the acne and rashes in all of us. 3.Charcoal everything We get it, you’ve been naughty for Christmas, but please don’t ruin everything we use for all of us.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

WARNING: SLIGHT SPOILERS After the announcement that the beloved classic films Star Wars was to be returning two years ago, fans have been ecstatic. After Rogue One, the hype had died down a bit. That excitement came back with the promise of the next movie in the series, The Last Jedi. With a diverse cast

Net Neutrality Repealed

Ajit Pai, the head director of the Federal Communications Commision, put a motion in to deconstruct Net Neutrality, which was passed by the FCC on December 14th. During the Obama Administration, Net Neutrality was classified under the Title II of the Communications Act, which means that Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, are unable to control

Seniors, Dollar for Scholars is Here!

Dear Senior Students, Your future, whatever it may be, is coming quickly! Dollars For Scholars wants to help fund your future. Dollars For Scholars is a nonprofit national organization that provides scholarships for high school students who complete the application process and meet the necessary requirements. As for time commitment, the process as a whole

Little Talks With Lily

Imagine you live in Pella and nobody in your family has a car. How do you get food? Perhaps you can walk to one of Pella’s three grocery stores: Walmart, Fareway, or Hy Vee. But it’s more likely that you are within walking distance of a fast food place. There are nine fast food places

Where’s the Beef?

The average American consumes roughly 164 pounds of beef annually. It takes 34,636 gallons of water to grow those 164 pounds of beef for consumption. Your 164 pounds of beef require 679,616 BTU’s of energy, or enough to power a single lightbulb for around 380 years. Maybe the sustainability crisis lies in the burger sitting

Iowa Thespian Festival

The Iowa Thespian Festival was held November 11 to November 12 at the University of Northern Iowa. The Pella High School Speech and Drama department sent 20 students along with speech couch Suzi Jones and alumni chaperones Tate Petty and Paige Miller. The group experienced four main stage performances: Peter and the Starcatcher, Piece of

Award Winning Improv Team Returns

If you’ve been to any speech event or improv event, you’ve heard of the improv team comprised of Ethan Vance, Isaac Zeimetz, Grace Larson, and Julie Start. This award-winning improv team is both famous and infamous throughout Pella High. What exactly is improv? “Improvisation is a like a play with many different characters; however, there

Guide to Thrift Shopping

The first time can be intimidating, but really, most high school students have done it. Thrift shopping, that is. Clothes are often unorganized, messy, and falling off their hangers. Shelves are lined with antiques that look like they’d break in half in you touched them. Books and board games seem to be older than an

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