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The Price of Politics

I love politics! Current and future voting members of America need to keep track of it. However, I feel like our society focuses on much on politics, making us forget one very important thing: we are all people. Politicians love to split people into groups: minorities, majorities, Republicans, Democrats, etc, etc… Politics also loves to

2017-2018 Girls Basketball

The Pella Lady Dutch have an overall, 13-6 win this season. Their next game is on February 14th against the Grinnell Tigers who are at an overall 17-2 win 9 this season. According to senior, Kara Wichhart, The Pella Lady Dutch are improving together despite losing several starters from last year. Senior, Chloe Van Vliet,

Pelladium Chooses Feminism

It is not uncommon for the term feminism to be misinterpreted as being a movement only for women. Feminism means rights for all which includes: women, men, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to be a woman. Equal rights includes everyone’s rights. Everyone can be a feminist,

What Spring Break Should You Take?

What is your favorite season?  a) Spring           b) Summer           c) Fall           d) Winter 2. What is your favorite activity? a) Shopping           b) Surfing           c) Reading           d) Skiing     3. Do you like vacationing with friends? a) Yes     

Administration Requires Formal Dinner Before Prom

Regarded by some as the most important night of high school, prom has been featured in numerous coming of age movies like Carrie and Pretty in Pink. While Hollywood may romanticize the “magic” of prom, the event is valued among teenagers, and Pella High students are no exception. Every year, Pella High School hosts a

Little Talks With Lily

There’s a moment in writing a column for a student news publication in which you think to yourself, ‘Man, is anyone even going to read this?’ The answer, of course, is yes. We do an editing circle, plus anything written for the newspaper or web has to be approved by our instructor. Somehow, however, that


In 1919, women gained the right to vote, ending their struggle for voting equality. Women finally had a right to have a say in their government, a move that was seen by many as the first step to acknowledging women as equals in society. Our society progressed by leaps and bounds since then, but our

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