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Archives for March 2018

Essential Oils Article

There has been some discussion on whether Essential Oils are good for you or not. There are several people that believe that they are not good for you, but they can help you feel healthy and relaxed. You can use oils in different ways such as applying them onto your skin, diffusing them, or put

New Branches on the Grafting Tree

Soon-to-be Pella High freshman, Jonathan Burrows sat in the car on his way to Pella, his soon-to-be-home. A million questions were buzzing through his head, specifically about all the new opportunities to come. Burrows would soon learn that his grafting tree was about to add a new branch.   “I think with every move, it’s

Bowling Q/A with Matthew Dejong

Q.Have you enjoyed your season so far? A. I’ve enjoyed the season and the success of bowling this year. I loved working with the team and coaches this year as well. Q.When did you first become interested in bowling? A. I first became interested in bowling after I got diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome which meant