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5 Ways to Recycle Your Pelladium

Every year, more than 24 billion newspapers are printed in America. For every edition of the Pelladium you read, a few hundred copies are printed. Paper waste makes up almost 16% of landfills – that’s about 26 million tons, for those of you that still aren’t getting the picture. Many people will tell you that

James and the Giant Peach Begins Production

Auditions for Pella High School’s production of James and the Giant Peach were held August 24 and 25. Over sixty students tried out for the musical with only 24 receiving parts. The auditions consisted of a small singing portion, a choreographed group dance, and a few select scenes from the musical. Callbacks were then held

PHS Student Summer Plans 2017

School is almost over which means that summer is upon us! Summer break is a time to relax after a long year of school. We asked PHS students what they were going to be doing this summer. Check the video out here:

Pella Pets

We all love our pets. They’re cute and funny and only sometimes do they rip into our shoes. Here are some of the pets both students and teachers decided they wanted to share with the world. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this video of cute pets owned by those near you.

5 Things Every College Dorm Room Needs

I have compiled a list of five of the most important dorm room items. These items provide college students with the ability to make their lives easier. The list is not ranked in any specific order. Coffee Maker: Whether it be drip coffee, espresso, or a Keurig, college students need coffee. Not only do they

Senior Memories

Kobe and Tate ask teachers their favorite memories about them.

Without the Quill

Creative Writing is a junior and senior English elective class, where students explore many genres throughout the semester, including spoken word, flash fiction, poetry, narrative, short story, and even the graphic novel. As students have pushed and developed their writing skills, they have increased their ability to impact a reader. Whether through laughter, tears, or

AP Government Visits Capital

On Tuesday, March 28, the AP Government classes took a trip to the state capitol to participate in citizen lobbying. Every student was to prepare materials over an issue they were compelled to speak out on. They then had to contact a Congressman with whom they would meet to discuss their issue and push for

C&C’s Morning Show 3/31

Chandler Jahner and Caleb Piersma cover what happened at PHS at the end of March and look ahead to events due to take place in the beginning of April. The improv show “What Do You Say to That” took place from March 23- 25. Track, Tennis, and Soccer have started their seasons. Prom will be

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