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Meeting your heroes: Little Talk With Lily

“Never meet your heroes.” That’s what we’re told anyway. I wasn’t sure why until I met one of my own heroes. I met the hero in question, David Sedaris, at a reading in Kansas City. David Sedaris writes primarily autobiographical stories, some of which are humorous, some of which are sad, and some of which

Card and Paulius Compete in State World Food Prize

The World Food Prize, which occurs on April 30, is a competition that takes place every year in Des Moines and attracts students and educators worldwide and from our own community. “I decided to participate in the World Food Prize because I thought it would be a good opportunity to get extra credit in Human

What has been done since the Parkland Massacre?

Two months have passed since Parkland’s horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Since then, students from the school and around the country have come together to demand change from our lawmakers and the NRA. The March for our Lives team orchestrated a nationwide movement studded with top hit celebrities. But on the

Essential Oils Article

There has been some discussion on whether Essential Oils are good for you or not. There are several people that believe that they are not good for you, but they can help you feel healthy and relaxed. You can use oils in different ways such as applying them onto your skin, diffusing them, or put

Little Talks With Lily

There’s a moment in writing a column for a student news publication in which you think to yourself, ‘Man, is anyone even going to read this?’ The answer, of course, is yes. We do an editing circle, plus anything written for the newspaper or web has to be approved by our instructor. Somehow, however, that


In 1919, women gained the right to vote, ending their struggle for voting equality. Women finally had a right to have a say in their government, a move that was seen by many as the first step to acknowledging women as equals in society. Our society progressed by leaps and bounds since then, but our

Sexual Harassment

Within the last few months of 2017, the media exploded with new stories about Hollywood actresses speaking out about their experiences with sexual harassment in the film industry. Their actions have inspired women worldwide to shed light on a problem that has been kept in the dark for far too long. But what exactly is

Knights of Columbus Raises Money for PHS Special Education Department

Pella High School’s special education department recently received 7,962 dollars from the Knights of Columbus. For special education departments in Pella, the Knights have been raising money for nineteen years. The check for $7,962 was presented to Lorri Grubb, Head of the Special Education Department, at the basketball game on December 8. “It was amazing to

Freshman Kaelie DeHeer Raises Money for Service Dog

Freshman Kaelie DeHeer has been dreaming of a service dog for 5 years. Her family applied to go through the process of getting a dog 4 years ago with an organization, but saw little progress being made. Last summer, they choose to try again with a different company, Domesti Pups. They found out about this

Christmas Abroad

In America, the holiday that is practiced by the majority of the citizens is Christmas. While American Christmas has its own traditions, many other cultures celebrate Christmas differently. While both America and many other countries are dominated by Christianity, there are obvious differences during the winter holiday. For example, Canada is known for having their

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