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Sociology Experiments

Over the course the Homecoming, people may have noticed people screaming in the lunchroom or eating ice cream with their hand. These strange social occurrences observed throughout the high school were a part of the Sociology course. The Sociology course here at Pella High School has multiple Sociological experiments throughout the year. The first one

Five things to know before applying to college

Being a senior is rough. On top of taking an advanced course load, you need to worry about applications to colleges and scholarships. If you haven’t gone through this process before, it can all seem very daunting and scary. Here are 5 tips to help you apply to college. The early bird gets the worm.

Zoe Card on Business Horizons Summer Camp

Sophomore Zoe Card was awarded a scholarship from the Des Moines Register to attend the Business Horizons Camp at Central College last summer. Zoe wrote many drafts of an application essay to send to the Des Moines Register in order to considered for the scholarship. The article that Card wrote about was how she would

How SMART Lunch is Helping Students

It seems ridiculous to say that giving students less time for education and more time to socialize at school will give them a better education. However, studies show that this is exactly what will happen. As you become older, you get fewer and fewer breaks throughout the school day. Schools across the United States are

Smart Spaces Can Improve Academics

It is hard to ignore the massive renovations that Pella High has been through the past few years. Through the construction, Pella High School has been transformed to something more reminiscent of a college campus. Students can use their free time and extended lunch hour to study, eat or relax in designated spaces. In addition

5 Ways to Recycle Your Pelladium

Every year, more than 24 billion newspapers are printed in America. For every edition of the Pelladium you read, a few hundred copies are printed. Paper waste makes up almost 16% of landfills – that’s about 26 million tons, for those of you that still aren’t getting the picture. Many people will tell you that

Smart Lunch in Other Schools

Smart Lunch is seen by administrators as being a great way to teach students to take personal responsibility for their academics, and Pella High isn’t the only school that’s catching on. Schools across Iowa and America are beginning to implement the Smart Lunch program. One such school is Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Last First Day

When senior Kaleb Lyons looked at the building of Pella Community High School, he felt déjàvu. This year is to be his last before heading to a new adventure. “Coming back to school felt monotonous,” said Lyons. “I’ve already done this three different times.” Lyons is only one of the 175 students in the senior

Senior Profile

Name: Samantha Boetger Activities I’ve been involved in: Yearbook (4 years), Newspaper (Senior year) Future plans: My future plans are to attend DMACC in Ankeny for two years and get my associates degree, then transfer to the University of Iowa and major in something in journalism. While living in Ankeny, I plan both go to

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