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Foods 2 Students Help Cater for Dutch Masters

      Dutch Masters is a time to showcase show choirs from class 1A-3A schools.  Kathy Van Norden’s Foods 2 class has helped cater for Dutch Masters for the past two years and will continue to this year. Van Norden’s Foods 2 class consists of 18 seniors.       “It takes a lot

PHS Prepares for First Annual Showcase

Pella High’s choir, orchestra, Jazz 1, and Jazz 2 will host its first annual showcase. In the past, the choir department performed at Cabaret and the two jazz bands at Carnaby club. Now, the two are being combined. Principal Eric Nelson originally came up with the idea. ““It came about that being able to showcase

The History Behind the 2018 AcaPella Show: “Revolution”

Last year, AcaPella brought a murder mystery to the stage with the show What Happened To Mr. Body? and things are no less heated this time around. This year’s show, entitled Revolution, takes the audience back to 1776 in the midst of the American struggle for independence. Inspired in part by the Broadway musical Hamilton,

Marching Dutch Drum Major Interview

The Marching Dutch performed their show “Pinball Wizard” at the homecoming game halftime. Saturday night they also hosted the Marching Dutch Invitational.Junior Levi Dugger is a drum major for the Pella marching band. Reporter Tessa Vander Molen interviewed Dugger about his role as drum major and the Marching Dutch’s show. Q: As a drum major,

Top 5 Christmas Songs

Like all Christmas lovers, I started listening to festive Christmas music as soon as Halloween was over. So if you need some Christmas music recommendations, I can certainly help out. Here are my top five Christmas songs. Happy Holidays and enjoy! 1. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey “All I Want

Shrek The Musical Cast

Cast: Shrek– Joel Williams Fiona– Eleanor Witt Donkey– Nathan Henry Lord Farquaad– Chase Petty Teen Fiona- Lexi DeJong Dragon- Mariah Kooyman Captain of the Guard- Nathan Chaplin Thelonius- Mathew Weihe Grumpy (Farquaad’s Father)- Davis VandeSteeg Pied Piper- Jarod Martens Bishop- Mathew Weihe Duloc Greeter- Erica Nossaman Blue Bird- Lexi DeJong Young Fiona- Courtney Chaplin Papa

Aca Pella Awards

Show choirs held their annual awards banquet April 7 at Liberty Evangelical Free church. Awards were presented by seniors Tristan Miedema and Kathy Connolly as follows.   “Hips Don’t Lie” – Theresa Lauritsen; “She’s on a (Body) Roll” – Faith Van Wyngarden; “Got That Super Bass” – Will Lovell; “Loud and Proud” – Rachel Mueller;

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