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Net Neutrality Repealed

Ajit Pai, the head director of the Federal Communications Commision, put a motion in to deconstruct Net Neutrality, which was passed by the FCC on December 14th. During the Obama Administration, Net Neutrality was classified under the Title II of the Communications Act, which means that Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, are unable to control

Seniors, Dollar for Scholars is Here!

Dear Senior Students, Your future, whatever it may be, is coming quickly! Dollars For Scholars wants to help fund your future. Dollars For Scholars is a nonprofit national organization that provides scholarships for high school students who complete the application process and meet the necessary requirements. As for time commitment, the process as a whole

Where’s the Beef?

The average American consumes roughly 164 pounds of beef annually. It takes 34,636 gallons of water to grow those 164 pounds of beef for consumption. Your 164 pounds of beef require 679,616 BTU’s of energy, or enough to power a single lightbulb for around 380 years. Maybe the sustainability crisis lies in the burger sitting

Gifted and Talented Projects

The Gifted and Talented Program is a service offered to students who are not challenged by the standard curriculum. It’s intention is to provide new opportunities to students. During the student’s sophomore, junior, and senior year, he or she can decide between either doing an independent study project or attending leadership seminars. These independent study

Wrestling’s New Vision

The wrestling team has a “New Vision” for the program this year. With a new coach, new wrestling room, and a new approach to the program, players and coaches are confident in the abilities of the wrestlers in Pella. “We’re basically a new team this year. A lot of us don’t know each other that

Ebeling Awarded with Iowa Superintendent of the Year

Pella Community’s superintendent, Greg Ebeling, was named the Iowa Superintendent of the Year by the School Administrators of Iowa. Each year, each state names a state superintendent of the year. Ebeling was nominated by his peers as the Iowa Superintendent of the Year for 2018. In late summer/early fall, he went through an application and

How SMART Lunch is Helping Students

It seems ridiculous to say that giving students less time for education and more time to socialize at school will give them a better education. However, studies show that this is exactly what will happen. As you become older, you get fewer and fewer breaks throughout the school day. Schools across the United States are

James and the Giant Peach Begins Production

Auditions for Pella High School’s production of James and the Giant Peach were held August 24 and 25. Over sixty students tried out for the musical with only 24 receiving parts. The auditions consisted of a small singing portion, a choreographed group dance, and a few select scenes from the musical. Callbacks were then held

Carnaby Club Performed Their 50th Show

On April 28 and 30, the Pella High drama department, band department, and orchestra put on the Carnaby Club in the East gym. It originally began as a collaboration effort between the vocal and band departments. However, in recent years, it has become a collaboration between the orchestra, band, and drama departments. Students who are

Senior Bellara Huang plans trip to Russia

Senior Bellara Huang has been learning Russian during her time in high school. She took classes at Bryn Mawr college during the summers after her freshman and sophomore years. The summer of her junior year, Huang took advanced Russian at Columbia University. “I became interested in Russian through music. Growing up, I have always enjoyed

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