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The Price of Politics

I love politics! Current and future voting members of America need to keep track of it. However, I feel like our society focuses on much on politics, making us forget one very important thing: we are all people. Politicians love to split people into groups: minorities, majorities, Republicans, Democrats, etc, etc… Politics also loves to

Pelladium Chooses Feminism

It is not uncommon for the term feminism to be misinterpreted as being a movement only for women. Feminism means rights for all which includes: women, men, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to be a woman. Equal rights includes everyone’s rights. Everyone can be a feminist,

Little Talks With Lily

There’s a moment in writing a column for a student news publication in which you think to yourself, ‘Man, is anyone even going to read this?’ The answer, of course, is yes. We do an editing circle, plus anything written for the newspaper or web has to be approved by our instructor. Somehow, however, that


In 1919, women gained the right to vote, ending their struggle for voting equality. Women finally had a right to have a say in their government, a move that was seen by many as the first step to acknowledging women as equals in society. Our society progressed by leaps and bounds since then, but our

And the Oscar Goes To…

With 24 different Oscar categories and 64 total movies up for Oscars, it’s nearly impossible to see every one of them. Of the nominations for Best Picture, I saw Lady Bird, Call Me by Your Name, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. All of these movies are rated R, so if you aren’t seventeen, make

Little Talks With Lily

Imagine you live in Pella and nobody in your family has a car. How do you get food? Perhaps you can walk to one of Pella’s three grocery stores: Walmart, Fareway, or Hy Vee. But it’s more likely that you are within walking distance of a fast food place. There are nine fast food places

A Penny For Your Thoughts

If you care about your future, then you should care about the Earth. The Earth is what gives us all of our resources; it is where we live. As we don’t have the technology to colonize other planets, the Earth is all we have. Right now, however, the Earth is in danger. Global warming is

Penny for your Thoughts

With the recent decrease of teen pregnancies since 1988 in the United States, one has to wonder what was the change that influenced this? Was it a bigger push in abstinence, or more readily available contraceptives? Believe it or not, neither of those things have statistically attributed to the steady decline of teen pregnancies in

A Penny for your Thoughts

Although it wasn’t seriously enforced for the longest time, Pella High does indeed have a dress code. Until this year, I didn’t know what it was. No one I knew had ever been dress-coded, we never went over it in any classes, and I never bothered to look it up in the handbook. This year,

Little Talks With Lily

The excitement is almost tangible. My family, a dozen strangers, and I all stretched out on picnic blankets in the parking lot of a pawn shop in Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska. We stare fixedly at the sky, murmuring excitedly. I’ve been told that a total solar eclipse is an once in a lifetime event, but

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