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In the Mind of Gabi

Wanderlust; what is this word? The word that’s so often seen in people’s Instagram biographies or maybe tattooed on people’s forearms with cute little stars surrounding it. It’s not just a basic word that girls use to seem mystical. To put it simply, this word describes people who feel as though they are stuck where

Real Talk with Sammy

Here we finally are, the last day of my senior year. Finally wrapping our heads around the fact that we can almost sleep all day if we please or stay up late and do whatever teenagers do during the late hours of the night. The summer that lies ahead of me has been impatiently anticipated.

Seniors’ Advice for the Underclassmen

We are going to be really honest… high school wasn’t that bad. Wasn’t great, but not too shabby. Let’s put it this way, we will not be too sad when we graduate. We did make a lot of friends along the way, and we did learn a few things here and there. Yes, high school

GNO for Genetically Curing Diseases: Response

Science has made many bounds in the past few decades, and the rate of inventions has only been increasing. Something that scientists in China and Sweden have recently been allowed to research more is gene editing. This is basically scientists looking at the genomes of an embryo’s DNA and changing what is there. This is

GNO for Genetically Curing Diseases

With all the technological advancements taking place, there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of curing genetic diseases. This might seem like a good idea, and I am not going to deny that the people who are thinking about this idea have their hearts in the right place. However, I am not

To Ink or not to Ink

Tattoos: a vast topic. Are they acceptable? Where should they be on the body? What should they be of? These are all questions up for debate. These questions have influenced many people in multiple ways. In the state of Iowa, it is illegal for a minor under the age of 18 to get a tattoo

Donald Trump Op-Ed

Right off the bat I am going to be quite frank with all of you; I don’t like President Donald Trump. Now please hear me out here. I am not going to tell you that he’s “Not My President” or anything of that nature. I respect his position as the President of the United States.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

I love meat. I enjoy chicken, beef, turkey, ham, and even fish. I don’t even mind the school meat. However, there are those who can’t or don’t eat meat. In fact, according to a poll I did through google forms, out of 239 people, .08 % are vegans, 2.9% are vegetarians, and 2.1 % have

In the Mind of Gabi

Everyone can be self-conscious sometimes. It can feel like everyone stares or makes fun of certain attributes. Maybe it’s a big nose or an excessive overbite; they are features that can’t be changed. Or can they? According to data the American Society of Plastic Surgeons there were 230,617 teen cosmetic procedures in 2011. Cosmetic surgery

A Penny for your Thoughts

Black clothes, pale skin, hard music. These things often intimidate many people, sometimes even scare them. The Gothic subculture in our country is often seen as satanic and unsympathetic, but is this how they really are? Most people are intimidated when it comes to Goths because of how intense their style is and the supernatural

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