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Fortnite Review

3.7 million people play Fortnite, which is on all current generation consoles except the Nintendo Switch. Fortnite is a Battle Royale game, much like another popular game- Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Fortnite is a game designed to be a Battle Royale game. What does that mean? Think of the Hunger Games, minus the story and just the

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokémon has been a very popular game since 1995. It started off as a video game designed for the Game Boy that was developed by Game Freak. Then later, it was released by Nintendo. Now, director Kazumasa Iwao has a new Pokémon game called Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. The game is beautifully designed with a masterful soundtrack and graphics; however, it has many flaws that prevent the game from being an overall, enjoyable experience. It suffers from lack of tutorial, framerate issues, terrible handheld graphics, no overworld map, and

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

WARNING: SLIGHT SPOILERS After the announcement that the beloved classic films Star Wars was to be returning two years ago, fans have been ecstatic. After Rogue One, the hype had died down a bit. That excitement came back with the promise of the next movie in the series, The Last Jedi. With a diverse cast

Spooky Movie Review: Hush

In the past year, I have started to slowly build up my scary movie resumé. As I have watched more and more horror films, I have realized that I really, really hate being scared. So, naturally, I decided it would be a top notch idea to write a review on a scary movie for the

The Return of It

Twenty-seven years ago, the first sign of It appeared on the big screen from the pages of Stephen King’s novel. In 1990, It was broadcasted for families to see as a TV Mini-Series. This later was put together to make one movie, which aired on November 18, 1990. The videos were directed by Tommy Lee

The Marching Dutch: Pinball Wizard

The Marching Dutch season is underway at Pella High School with their show Pinball Wizard. The band started preparing for the show during their official band camp which started on August 7. Students who are in the Marching Dutch continue preparation by showing up to the school at 7:30 a.m. for morning rehearsal. The band

Pelladium Movie Review: Annabelle Creation

Annabelle Creation is the prequel to The Annabelle series. Going into the theater, I was excited to view this film. I had enjoyed the first film in the series and I hoped the prequel would lead well into the first movie. Personally, I wasn’t very satisfied. Before you read on, there are spoilers ahead. If

Taco Bell VS Taco John’s

For many years, Pella lived in peace with only one big corporate place to get fast Mexican cuisine. Whenever residents needed a quick taco, they just went to Taco John’s. They had no other choice for it was all they had ever known. However, since Taco Bell arrived to our small town, a competition has

Sonic Mania Review

Sonic the Hedgehog was once the second most recognizable figure in gaming right next to Mario. Sonic single handedly leveled the playing field between Nintendo and Sega when his first game released in 1991; however, it has been a rocky road ever since then. Many consider the first main, three Sonic games to be of

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