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Twenty-one students were named as Thespians last night and will be inducted by speech directors Suzanne Jones and Ashlee Whittington after school today. In addition, eight  students were named Honor Thespians, three were named National Honor Thespians, and two were named International Honor Thespians.

Students who were named where as follows:

Thespians: freshmen Nathan Boldt, Marlen Ramirez, Luke Schemm, Nicole Schnebbe, Mark Sutija, Ryan Van Maanen and Isaac Vos,  sophomores Shane Burch, Angelo Lemons,Laurel Stelter and Mallory Wheeler,  juniors Josh Da, juniors Taika Dennill, Sarah De Wolf,Chase Petty,  Michael Schnebbe, Julie Van Ee and Leah Wilborn, and,  seniors Suzanna Hall and Rebecca Schippers.

Honor Thespians: juniors Kody Beller, Devin McCain, Matthew Sutija, Davis VandeSteeg, Matthew Weihe and Eleanor Witt, and, seniors Karli Bruxvoort and Greg Frommelt.

National Thespians: junior Colin Jones, and, seniors Claire Anderson and Aaron Van Maanen.

International Honor Thespians: Seniors Jack Parisee and Sydney Swanson.

Senior Aaron Van Maanen earned the Best Thespian Award.


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