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Tweets 11/8

Grace Fisher @i_a_fishee “Mom literally just told me about how her whole band switched out their instruments for kazoos for a parade once. How bout we do that Dutch?”
Lily Pumphrey @lilyanne1401 “Amount of dogs is directly proportionate to happiness do not question me for I the scientist say it to be true.”
Joy Van Wyngarden @Missjoy15 “If you didn’t carve pumpkins together, are you really even dating?”
Kara Wichhart @wichhartkara5 “Don’t you just love when Ankeny’s marching band scoring system is designed for 4A bands to beat the other bands BUT YOU BEAT THE 4A BANDS”
Maddie Johnson @madjohn_sondie “Get you a county who can do both: Knoxville=last Pella=first”

Ross Vande Weerd @RossyAllen “Trump is going savage mode rn”
Kobe Diers @kobediers “Cash Cab and Chill”
Curtis Ware @curtware18 “Why did I decide to take West Civ???????”
Jake Schulte @jschulte1314 “I feel like I’m “jakeschulte” to every class other than the Freshmen. Why????”
Zion Miller @Zion_Miller17 “Chipotle makes me feel complete on a spiritual level”

•Tiffany Van Gilst, tiffany.vangilst@student.pella.k12.ia.us

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