What Rustles my Jimmies 2

What Rustles my Jimmies 2

Hi, welcome to “What Rustles my Jimmies!” Sorry about the wait ever since the 1st one came out, but I had so many things making my jimmies rustle that my brain needed to be on cooldown. Now that I have “cooled” down, let’s agree on some annoyances.


How’s the weather out there? Being the “chill” person I am, this weather has gotten to a point that the first week of school was a humble jumble of mess-ups. Now, I am an avid scholar that can cooperate with any schedule. In fact, it is safe to say that I would love late starts every day of the week if it was not after winter break. I want full days to get used to my classes, so I am comfortable. Oh man this cold is really getting to me.


Ok, the snow is gone. It’s getting warmer each week and feels like spring. Fixed, right? Well, I was not done with snow! I want more chances to go sledding or use my snowmobile, but no, it’s gone, and I have to try to sled on grass. I want to have a few more weeks of winter. If the groundhog announces spring, I will explode from annoyances and headaches.


The verdict: If the season would just stay the same without the usual Iowa weather swing moods, I wouldn’t be annoyed by this. There are always annoyances in this world, no perfect endings.

Thanks for reading!