I.T. offers new screens


Pella High School is now offering repairs for personal device screens. If a device happens to fall and break, it can be taken to room 118 and repaired for a fee. Most fees range from $40 to $60 depending on the age of the item and the availability of the part. The idea was conceived by I.T. technicians Jesse Jablonski and Ben Bollard around the end of the 1st quarter, and now it has become a reality. The response to this was almost immediately positive.

“We have already received 14 requests for repairs, and we can start repairs as soon as the parts come in,” said Jablonski.

The screens are being supplied by Amazon.com as well as other websites that have screens to sell. The devices that can be fixed are smartphones, iPods, and some types of tablets. Unfortunately flip phones cannot be fixed at this point, so don’t expect to bring one in and have it fixed. Once a request is placed to have the item fixed it may take up to two weeks until the part arrives, but it normally takes three days to fix.  In addition, students can get involved with repairs.

Jablonski said,“Student helpers in the I.T. room can now fix devices in a classroom setting, which could give them more experience when working with electronics.”