5 Things Every College Dorm Room Needs


Tate Petty

I have compiled a list of five of the most important dorm room items. These items provide college students with the ability to make their lives easier. The list is not ranked in any specific order.

Coffee Maker: Whether it be drip coffee, espresso, or a Keurig, college students need coffee. Not only do they need coffee; it needs to be readily accessible. This means every dorm needs at least one to help get students through the day.

Entertainment System: This is a bit of a miscellaneous category. An entertainment system could be just a TV, a TV with some speakers, a TV with a gaming console, etc. Students need entertainment in their lives, so they don’t go mad with all their newfound adult stress, meaning some sort of entertainment system is a must.

Microwave: Snacks, including Ramen, easy mac n’ cheese, popcorn, hot pockets, pizza rolls, are things all students need, and a microwave is what will get them there. Nourishment is key, but when you go over your meal plan, you’re going to need your microwave.

Mini-Fridge: A classic dorm room staple, the mini-fridge is a definite must have appliance for all college students. Studying makes college students very thirsty, and they shouldn’t have to walk all the way to kingdom come for a drink. Mini-fridges should be well stocked with water, pop, energy drinks, and sports drink to keep students refreshed and alert.

Laptop: This one is almost too obvious; students need something to do their schoolwork on. They could go down to a student service center and use the computers there, but it is much more convenient to have access to one in their dorm. It can also provide entertainment in the form of games or surfing the web.