Last First Day


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Zoë Card

When senior Kaleb Lyons looked at the building of Pella Community High School, he felt déjàvu. This year is to be his last before heading to a new adventure.

“Coming back to school felt monotonous,” said Lyons. “I’ve already done this three different times.”

Lyons is only one of the 175 students in the senior class. He has gone to Pella High School for his entire high school career, and this will be his final ten months before graduating. While Lyons is leaving this year, he has no worries. He feels “experienced” in the routine of school and is prepared to make his way through the year.

While seniors are getting ready to leave, new freshman are just arriving. According to freshman, Jack Edwards, the transition from Pella Middle School to the high school is “exciting.”

“I liked the idea of having more classes to choose from, and there are so many opportunities here,” Edwards said.

The worry of knowing where to go and getting to the right building was a stressful factor in Edward’s first day. He had nervous thoughts inside his head telling him that he would mess up his combination and get lost in the hallways.

All 718 students have experienced their first day. Whether they are about to end their high school career or have just started their first day, the first day of school is always memorable.