5 Ways to Recycle Your Pelladium



Elizabeth Lovell

Every year, more than 24 billion newspapers are printed in America. For every edition of the Pelladium you read, a few hundred copies are printed. Paper waste makes up almost 16% of landfills – that’s about 26 million tons, for those of you that still aren’t getting the picture. Many people will tell you that the best way to avoid newspaper waste is to not even pick one up. However, we want you to read ours, so here’s five different ways to recycle your Pelladium.

Use it to make origami. There are hundreds of simple origami instructions you can find online. By cutting your paper up into squares, you can make a fun animal or decoration out of your newspaper.

Compost it. If you have a garden at home, you can use your newspaper to start a compost bin. Tear it up into strips, add some dirt and leaves, and throw in your (non meat or dairy) food scraps. Water your mixture and turn it once a week, and soon you’ll have compost that you can spread around your garden for happy plants.

Wrap presents with it. We’ve all been in a situation where we end up handing someone a gift in the plastic bag we got it in. To make it seem like you’re a lot craftier than you really are, you can wrap up your gift in some newspaper and tie it off with a string.

Donate them! If you find some papers lying around or gather them from your friends, bring them to a vet clinic or the Marion County Humane Society. They use newspapers to line the animals’ cages and would be happy to accept donations.

Do some DIY’s. There are countless ways to use your newspaper to get a little crafty. Paper mache, newspaper flowers, the possibilities are as endless as your creativity (and Google). If you need a little more inspiration, you can head over to youtube and see how some of us here on the Pelladium staff remade a bench – journalism style.