Bowling Q/A with Matthew Dejong

Bowling Q/A with Matthew Dejong

Seth Sharp

Q.Have you enjoyed your season so far?

A. I’ve enjoyed the season and the success of bowling this year. I loved working with the team and coaches this year as well.

Q.When did you first become interested in bowling?

A. I first became interested in bowling after I got diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome which meant I couldn’t play any contact sport, but I still wanted to be in a competitive nature and sport.

Q. How was your bowling season and team been this year?

A. I would say this year has been very exciting. Us as a team are peaking at just the right time for sub-state tomorrow. Me personally, I didn’t have that great of a season, but I still have 2 years to improve a lot of things that need to be improved in my game.

Q. What was your highlight of your season?

A. My highlight of the season (even that I didn’t bowl great that meet) was when we beat Des Moines East. They were one of the best teams in Iowa, and we all came together and beat them. I felt like we deserved the win after all the hard work of the season.

Q.What was your low point in the season?

A. The low point was when I wasn’t able to bowl at Des Moines East because I really wanted to participate to help our team win by more even though we won.

Q. What would you say to people that say bowling isn’t a hard sport?

A. I would disagree that it isn’t hard because bowling is all about technique and consistency. Power isn’t the only quality in bowling, but the spin and other things involving technique.