Pella High Students go on Costa Rica Trip


Zoë Card

Seventeen students embarked on a seven-day journey to the country of Costa Rica on June 13.  This trip is organized every other year through the Spanish department at Pella High School, with the help of Mellissa Walker and Paloma Soria. In years past, the group has traveled to Spain, but this was the first year students chose Costa Rica. Senior Josie Lickteig was one of 17 students that went and captured her time through a GoPro video and many pictures.

“I love culture and Spanish, so the Costa Rica trip would be a great opportunity to go and experience something new… It was a chance for me to do something on my own that I’ve never done,” Lickteig explains. She later explained the group was hosted by different families that did not speak any English, so the students used each other and their previous Spanish knowledge to communicate at the house and around the cities.

The itinerary for the Costa Rica trip was jam-packed with activities that are unique to the area. Lickteig explained that they woke up early, had a quick family breakfast with the hosts, and then headed off to the chosen excursion. Some activities included touring National Parks, going to a secret beach, and visiting a waterfall garden which is all shown in Lickteig’s video.

The group was also involved in a community service project where they helped build a house for a single mother. Lickteig was then confronted with the extreme poverty in Costa Rica.  

“The poverty surprised me and it’s nothing like I’ve seen before, even if you go on a mission trip in the United States. It is nothing compared to Costa Rica.”

If you’ve never thought to explore outside the United States for a blast with your classmates, Lickteig encourages you to go.

“Definitely go on the trip! With the price, you get to do so many things, and it was nice that we went with a group because they planned it all out for us… We got to see different parts of the country every day.”

Article credits to Sara Bennett and Becca Bonham.