When Should Christmas Season Start?


Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all have a month to themselves, so there should be no question when to celebrate each. However, Christmas is arguably the most special of the three holidays, and the celebration of Christmas is often started earlier and earlier, slowly cutting out the other holidays. Which leads to the question, when should the Christmas season begin?

Many think that Christmas shouldn’t start until December, but I would argue that a holiday as special as it is, deserves much more than 1 month of celebration. So, I think Christmas starts on November 1st. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, but after Halloween, I’m automatically in Christmas mode. Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t even compare to Christmas and all its food.

Whether you listen to Christmas music in October or set up your tree in November, the Christmas season is full of joy. So, let’s start enjoying  the hallmark movies, hot chocolate, Christmas music. The Christmas season is just around the corner.