Car Talk With Matt DeKoning


Matt DeKoning, Reporter

Each grade has car owners that love their cars. In this paper I will cover the cars and the owners.  To start with is Junior Treyton Turnbull  with his 2007 Dodge Charger R/T. Treyton has rebuilt the car with his dad and his uncle. This took three months to get finished. 


Q) Where did you find the car?

A) We went to online auction and looked for a little while. Because I wanted a new car, like a project car would be fun because you learn alot from it too. Because I didn’t have a ton of car experience. I looked for a month or two and cars came and went. Then eventually I found the charger I wanted to skip it due to the damage looked pretty bad. Then we looked at it again then decided that we could fix it up themselves with his dad and his uncle that has his own car bussiness. Then we went up to the auction and got it.


Q) What did you have to do to make it road worthy?

A) The main damage was in the back of the car. There was a dent straight down the middle of the trunk area. So we had to remove the rear bumper, trunk, and all the broken pieces and one of the tail lights. The hardest part was reforming the body by pulling on it in different ways. The start is easy with reforming it. The hardest was getting the rear completely sealed in the back or dust will get in there and things.  It is kind of frustrating to get it perfect. 

Q) What is with the desing/ wheel?

A) I figured that when rebuilding it you have your own freewill to the design of the car since you are rebuilding the car. So I thought a cool color scheme would be red and black. I saw some stripes online. I thought it would be cool to put on the car. we had to readjust the front bumper because of a different wreck teh car was in. we had to remove the front grill anyways. I thought about painting the grill red to put some color in the front with the tail lights being red, to make it look nice. I bought some wheels off of Adam Boggards for christmas and my birthday from the charger he is selling. I was thinking that the wheels and tires will set the car off nicely.