Winter Prediction




Hot chocolate by a fireplace, wrapped in blankets, while the snow falls down slowly to the ground outside. Winter. You either love it or hate it. When winter comes to mind, I immediately think about Christmas and the ground covered with snow. Personally, winter isn’t my favorite season, but it gives me a chance to wear all of the clothes suited for the season in my closet. Don’t get me wrong. I love summer and I love warm weather, but I’m ready to break out into winter fashion.


My prediction for this winter’s weather is to hopefully have as little snow as possible. The reason why I would like to have minimal snow this season is because I want to get out of school at the end of the year as soon as possible. I wouldn’t mind a couple snow days throughout the year, but having to make up more than five snow days would annoy me. The only time I would approve to having a significant amount of snow would be during Christmas break. I predict is that we’ll see snow falling from the sky around the middle of November, if the temperature goes along with the schedule.


Last winter, we had a significant amount of snow. We experienced two consecutive snow days before Christmas break, and I can’t forget to mention the unexpected snow that hit us during Tulip Time. My hope for Tulip Time in the future is to not have to experience to have something like that ever again. The snow kept most people indoors, and the only time people went out into town was to get food. The snow during Tulip Time created a new experience for most people. Most have not seen snow in May before. Hopefully, this year’s Tulip Time is the exact opposite. I do enjoy winter when it lasts, but if it lasts too long, I’ll be sick of having cold weather and snow on the ground.


•Andre Hernandez ([email protected])