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The 2nd Annual Teacher Games


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Suzanne Jones- Not only does she use her College American Literature books for reading, but for beating her enemies as well.

Douglas Cutler- Cutler returns to the arena with his tremendous endurance and the ability to logically reason his way in and out of alliances. Is he really on your side?


Dak Rasmussen- 4,000 years of historical weapon knowledge for sure gives him the upper hand in the games this time around.


Michelle Chaplin- Her ability to shriek high notes, leaving her opponents confused, gives her an advantage when faced with conflict.


Corey Thorson- With his strength he will simply beat his competitors into submission. Period.


Kayla Weis- The master of trickery, Mrs. Weis uses her sneaky skills and foreign language skills to allow her to fly under the radar. Also watch out for her signature blanket trap that she makes due to her sewing ability. Don’t get caught in that tangled mess.


Jeff Siewert- His fashion sense and use of sweater vests makes his competition overlook him as not a threat, allowing him to last longer in the games.


Wade Van Vark- As a master mathematician, he can use his knowledge of angles to create intricate traps and weaponry. You won’t even see it coming.


Tami Jensen- This librarian is more dangerous than you may think. With an arsenal of knowledge books and a plethora of scissors, she amounts to one dangerous tribute.

Megan Clayberg- With her unmatchable physical fitness, she can take down her competitors with ease. Plus her dodgeball skills make her one scary woman when she has rocks in her hands.


Mark Solomon- As the master of geography, Mr. Solomon can use his knowledge of terrain and cultures to become the ultimate survivor. Even when confronted with conflict, Solomon will be able to take down his competitors both tactically and brutally. Whether he takes you head on or hides himself in the brush.


Ashley Wittington- This normal english teacher has a trick up her sleeve. She has the power to turn anything into a weapon. And her ability to connect with people will allow her to make friends with each tribute, of course until she stabs them in the back.

Charma Vanderwert- She simply states “You kill me, no mints.”


Ben Bollard- His surprising athleticism for an IT guy gives him a huge advantage, being both tech savvy and a physical threat.


Laura Fank- Since she is looking for redemption since the last games, she will return as one bad mama jama.

Jessica Williams- Returning since her recent baby, Mrs. Williams will look to take out all competitors, for the sake of her children.


Chase Petty ([email protected])

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The 2nd Annual Teacher Games