3A State Solo and Ensemble Contest Results


The 2014 State Solo and Ensemble Contest was held this past Saturday, March 29, at Grinnell High School. 16 students from Pella participated in the event and half received Division I Ratings.

Division I Rating: Bellara Huang-violin solo, Mark Sutija-violin solo, Hannah Smart-viola solo, Bryana Dawson-viola solo, Sarah VanNorden-viola solo, Iris Top-cello solo, Joel Williams-cello solo, Zack DeYoung-cello solo.

Division II Rating: Victoria Karnes-violin solo, Daniel Thompson-violin solo, Elizabeth Pettit-violin solo, Hannah Galloway-violin solo, Dakota Shalin-violin solo, Mikayla Huston-violin solo, Taika Dennill-viola solo, Bevan Dennill-cello solo.

The Outstanding Performance Award was given to freshman Bellara Huang. Huang. Huang has the opportunity to participate in the Outstanding Performance Award Showcase Recital held at Iowa State University in May.

“What got my hear is that my parents pushed me really hard to be the best I can be as well as are always supporting me at my competitions,” said Huang.