“Veteran’s” Share Advice


The alarm goes off at 10:56 for an 11:00 a.m class. Rolling out of bed to find out you were on the top bunk, working your way to the bathroom where mouthwash is swooshed throughout your morning breath, and finally walking across campus to sit through a two hour lecture over some subject you couldn’t even pronounce. That is a typical day in the life of a college student.

Pella High Class of 2014 is dispersed amongst this country. Some survivors of Pella High School miss their families while others may not even remember their parents’ names. Maybe some are even missing Pella High itself-the steaming hot classrooms, spicy chicken sandwiches for lunch, or listening to Mr. Cutler get fired up over the 4th dimension. But maybe some of them are content with being out of highschool, that’s a debatable subject. But what’s not debatable is all of the things one learns enduring four years at Pella High School. You gain knowledge and tips to make the experience go much smoother. So let’s hear from the veterans on how to make your high school experience a bit more bearable.


What advice would you give to a junior taking Western Civilization?

“Take good notes and the book is not relevant to anything that you do in class,” said graduate Cody De Kruyff.


What do you miss most about high school and what advice do you have for current students?

“I miss football and all the guys you get to be with every day. I also miss the basketball games and all the great memories you make with great friends along the way. Don’t take high school for granted because you will be graduating before you know it,” said graduate Dakota Schnell.


What advice would you give a student who is wishing their high school days away and counting down the days until graduation?

“I would tell them to stop wishing it away because I made some of my best memories in high school. Enjoy all your sports and activities because those will never be the same again. Try and enjoy it as much as possible because it becomes a lot harder when everything changes,” said graduate Anna Van Roekel.


What school lunch should students most look forward to and why?

“Walking tacos, obviously. It is delicious, has the most options to put in it, and almost always comes with rosy applesauce,” said graduate Nathan Clayberg.