Apple Newest Advances


It has only been 31,449,600 seconds, yet 73 million people have used Apple’s latest operating software IOS 8.   In a special event in Cupertino, California on September 9th, Apple unveiled the latest version of its best-selling smartphone software.

The Iphone 6 and 6 Plus will have a bigger screen that has an equally bigger and bolder screen resolution. The new phones will come in gold, silver or space gray, and Apple-designed leather cases will also be available.

The Iphone 6 with a standard contract, will start at  $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for 64GB, and $399 for 128GB. Iphone 6 Plus with a standard contract starts at $299 for a 32GB device, $399 for 64GB, and $499 for 128GB.

Pre-orders began on Sept. 12 for the Iphone. The IOS 8 release date is September 17, so if you want to own the newest piece of technology and software, stay tuned to apple’s website.