Author: Amy Blanton

Staff Ed: The End of an Era

As the decade comes to a close, we’re thinking over the past ten years that have shaped who we are, filled us with defining memories, given us our values and passions, and have taught us invaluable lessons. For most high schoolers, this decade is really all we remember. As humans, we tend to fixate on […]

Zoe’s Farewell

Senior Zoe Card has been a member of the Pelladium Staff since freshman year. Card has mainly focused on the operation and management of the Pelladium website. She will be moving on from her role during the spring semester this year, as she continues on to new ventures, as an Iowa House Legislative Page. Card […]

2010’s Language Trends

Language is constantly evolving and changing. Throughout the past decade, we’ve seen new words, the return of very old words, and words that don’t seem to have any meaning. Here’s a look at the five biggest language trends in the past decade. Selfie  This word needs no explanation, as since its 2013 induction into Webster’s […]

Privacy, What Gives?

In the golden age of technology that this generation lives in, the topic of privacy comes up frequently. Teachers, parents, and news outlets seem to be shouting about security breaches, offshore hacking, and how everything you do online can be tracked. The issue that arises with this is that this generation doesn’t seem to care. […]

Homecoming Can Drive

This year, Pella High School experienced the largest can drive in the homecoming competition’s existence, over-flowing the boxes after the first few days. The competition was mainly between a group of roughly forty juniors and seniors. After the Thursday night PowderPuff Football game, the group ran over to HyVee where they nearly cleared out the […]

Pella Jazz One competes at Jazz Champs

The Pella Jazz One competed in the Iowa Jazz Championships recently on Tuesday, April 2. The event is held annually on Iowa State’s campus. Sixty bands from the state qualify to compete every year based on class. Pella has done very well historically, celebrating 18 championship titles in the 40 years of the ensemble’s existence. […]

Michelle Chaplin Resigns from Pella Community High School

On January 15th the Board of Education accepted Michelle Chaplin’s resignation, ending her time at Pella High. To show their concern for the choir program, students and parents took it upon themselves to attend the school board meeting that addressed Chaplin’s decision to leave the school after the school year. One student concerned with this […]

Where’s the Beef?

The average American consumes roughly 164 pounds of beef annually. It takes 34,636 gallons of water to grow those 164 pounds of beef for consumption. Your 164 pounds of beef require 679,616 BTU’s of energy, or enough to power a single lightbulb for around 380 years. Maybe the sustainability crisis lies in the burger sitting […]

Wrestling’s New Vision

The wrestling team has a “New Vision” for the program this year. With a new coach, new wrestling room, and a new approach to the program, players and coaches are confident in the abilities of the wrestlers in Pella. “We’re basically a new team this year. A lot of us don’t know each other that […]

Cross Country Trip to Oregon

On July 28, a select few members from the girls’ cross country team travelled across the country to Tillamook, Oregon on their annual running trip. Over the course of eleven days, the team ran approximately 50 miles on the track, the beach, and the mountainside. “My favorite part was probably when we went swimming in […]