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January 16, 2019


Pella High welcomes new debate team

Resolved: The United States should accede to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea without reservations is the first topic up for debate for the Pella High Debate Team. Despite being complicated, it’s a good starting debate question for new students; preparing them for long, difficult arguments in the season to come

Pella High set to perform the Sound of Music

This year’s musical at Pella High, directed by choir director Michelle Chaplin, is The Sound of Music. The movie adaption of The Sound of Music starring Julie Andrews had it’s 50 year anniversary in 2015.  Chaplin reassured the age of the show does not change the message and relevance. “It is a timeless story of

Zoe Card Goes to the Global Youth Institute

Every October, about 200 students from all around the world gather at the World Food Prize Headquarters for a three-day conference in Des Moines to talk about their solutions to World Hunger. The conference is called the Global Youth Institute (GYI). This year, junior Zoe Card will be one of the attendees. GYI was started

The Marching Dutch Rise Above

This year’s band show, titled “Rise Above,” is a concept show that is different from any show the Marching Dutch has done. The 168 member band has been practicing since July in the midday heat and every day, two weeks leading up to the beginning of this school year.  With a dancing soloist, percussion break,

New Pella High Apprenticeship Programs

High school is a crucial time for developing career choices and skills that will carry with students through the rest of their working lives. Many students will go onto college, but that’s not always the case. For some students, entering the workforce right out of high school suits their interests, and for others, it can

Welding Apprenticeship Established At Career Academy

With the help of the Vermeer Corporation and the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, the Career Academy has established a welding apprenticeship program. In early fall, Principal Eric Nelson was approached by Governor Reynolds’s Stem Council about creating the apprenticeship program. The goal of the apprenticeship is to advance students’ education and prepare them to be

Card and Paulius Compete in State World Food Prize

The World Food Prize, which occurs on April 30, is a competition that takes place every year in Des Moines and attracts students and educators worldwide and from our own community. “I decided to participate in the World Food Prize because I thought it would be a good opportunity to get extra credit in Human

Staff Goodbye to Veteran Seniors of Pelladium

With graduation coming up, the Pelladium staff is saying goodbye to two longtime staff members, Harley Atchison and Ally Pronina. Both of these girls have worked hard throughout their time on staff to make the Pelladium what it is today. As a journalism team, we are very excited to see where the future will take

Showcase article correction

The Pelladium wishes to correct a mistake in our February 27 Issue. Concert and select choir will not be a part of the showcase as reported in the Pelladium. PHS’s two show choirs, AcaPella and Bravo, will perform in the showcase with Jazz 1, Jazz 2, percussion ensembles, and band, orchestra, and choir solos and

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