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January 16, 2019


Little Talks With Lily- Winter

As I approach the halfway point of my junior year, I find myself realizing something alarming. No, not that I am totally in over my head as far as classes go; I knew that from day one of junior year. The alarming thing that I’ve begun to realize is that it has become socially acceptable

Pella Student Vlogs

Josie Lickteig and Dawtrinay Hodge have been documenting their memories throughout their high school life in two different ways. Lickteig shows her experiences through GoPro videos with an aesthetic feel, while Hodge documents her school day with friends and activities. Currently, Lickteig has 70 subscribers and has 12 videos on her channel. She shares videos

Happy Accidents with Zandra Spiker: Christmas Month

October is spooky month. Everyone spends the entire month looking forward to Halloween, and on November first, Halloween is over and people move on. December should be Christmas month. Everyone spends the entire month looking forward to Christmas, and afterwards, they move on. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I don’t approve of

GoFundMe Funds Fraud

If you saw someone drop a $20 bill in front of you, would you tell them? Many people would say, “no.” That is economic greed. When someone sees a lot of dollar signs in their bank account, they automatically feel happy. Money can’t buy you happiness, but this couple thought it would. Mark D’Amico, Kate

Did the Class of 2019 vote this midterm election?

As the class of 2019 reach the legal age to vote, their political opinions start to make a difference. A poll was sent out asking if they are eligible and if they made their vote count for the 2018 midterm election. Here are the results.173 seniors were sent the Google Form, 45 replied.  

Will the youth turn up to the midterm election?

Only 50% of the youth that were eligible to vote, voted in the 2016 general election. This year, the midterm elections are being held on Tuesday, November 6, and there have been promises made by youth organizations that they are ready to go to the polls and support whichever candidate supports their future. One major

Blood Drive at Pella High

Blood Drive This year on November 8, Pella High is hosting the first of two blood drives this year with LifeServe Blood Center. LifeServe serves most of Iowa, including our own Pella Regional Hospital, as well as 120 other hospitals. Typically 60-70 students, staff, and other Pella residents sign up for the blood drive. To

What to do when you get the flu

Flu season is amongst us and knowing the students of Pella High, the majority of students have already been sick once this school year. Here are a few tips and tricks from WebMD to give the flu the boot: Drink fluids, drink fluids, and, you guessed, it DRINK FLUIDS. Having the flu can make you

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