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Soccer Connects the World

There are so many different sports prevalent in our world today. Some are only found in certain countries, but others are found all across the world. But out of all of the world’s sports, soccer is the most popular worldwide and can be found in nearly every country. This international pervasiveness has connected two Pella […]

Maggie Leach with Operation Share the Load

At the age of nine, Maggie Leach’s family lived in an extended stay without a washer or dryer while their house was built. They had to use a laundromat for six weeks and met many families that were less fortunate than theirs.  These families would sometimes have to choose between food or clean clothes. “What […]

Student Abroad: Luci Laidlaw’s Journey to England

Many of my spring breaks consist of relaxing at home, but this year was much different. This year, I had the privilege of having a wonderful traveling experience in England, my dad’s home country. My dad is the soccer coach at Central College, and once every four years, he gets to take a trip to […]

Looking to Next Year: Prom Strategies from the Man Himself, Dingus/Donce

If you missed out finding a prom date, there’s always next year. Here are some tips that will eventually help you get a prom date. How to get the girls/guys! Find the perfect girl that would make a perfect prom date for you. She could be at the mall, football/volleyball/basketball game, or at the XC/Track/Tennis […]

What to do before you graduate

If you aren’t a senior, this article doesn’t really pertain to you, but if you are, listen up. Graduation is coming up soon. We already picked up our caps and gowns. If you are like me, you are just counting the days until we’re done. Here’s a list of things you might want to consider […]

My take on Marie Kondo

There’s no way around it, my closet had become a disaster zone. It wasn’t so much that I had an unmanageable amount of clothes, it was more so the fact that I didn’t have any good way of managing them. Having recently watched the Netflix series Tidying up with Marie Kondo, I was feeling inspired. […]

The Prom Experience: Boys VS Girls

I started planning for prom months before April 6. First, I got my dress. Then I bought jewelry, found heels, planned out makeup and hair, and had my nails done. My prom date, on the other hand, bought his tux, and that was it. How about the day of prom? The following is a comparison […]

No-nonsense Podcast with Gunner Reed and Matthew Dekoning

This is the first No-nonsense podcast, the first attempt at trying to make a podcast funny and “informational.” The hosts’ are Gunner Reed and Matthew Dekoning and they take the time to share their stories and reflect on past decisions.

Shrimp Gang vs. Pastinos

Some of the sophomore boys at Pella High have divided themselves into two groups, The Shrimp Gang and the Pastinos. The Shrimp Gang officially started last year, and the Pastinos were an addition to the groups at Pella High this fall. “We started a group chat on instagram three or four years ago, and we […]

Jessica Williams joins Speech team as Individual Coach

English teacher Jessica Williams has joined the speech team as an Individual Speech Coach at Suzanne Jones’ request. In previous years, she has been involved with the speech team informally giving students advice on how to improve their individual acts. “I enjoyed speech as a student. I have helped out here by giving feedback to […]