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February 19, 2019


Will the youth turn up to the midterm election?

Only 50% of the youth that were eligible to vote, voted in the 2016 general election. This year, the midterm elections are being held on Tuesday, November 6, and there have been promises made by youth organizations that they are ready to go to the polls and support whichever candidate supports their future. One major

Blood Drive at Pella High

Blood Drive This year on November 8, Pella High is hosting the first of two blood drives this year with LifeServe Blood Center. LifeServe serves most of Iowa, including our own Pella Regional Hospital, as well as 120 other hospitals. Typically 60-70 students, staff, and other Pella residents sign up for the blood drive. To

What to do when you get the flu

Flu season is amongst us and knowing the students of Pella High, the majority of students have already been sick once this school year. Here are a few tips and tricks from WebMD to give the flu the boot: Drink fluids, drink fluids, and, you guessed, it DRINK FLUIDS. Having the flu can make you

Iowa’s Mental Health Crisis

In recent years, mental health has been a growing concern for both adolescents and adults. As of 2018, Iowa is the second worst state for mental health treatment and care. Iowa consistently ranks in the bottom five in all mental health categories, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Governor Kim Reynolds’ Stance Governor

Zoe Card Goes to the Global Youth Institute

Every October, about 200 students from all around the world gather at the World Food Prize Headquarters for a three-day conference in Des Moines to talk about their solutions to World Hunger. The conference is called the Global Youth Institute (GYI). This year, junior Zoe Card will be one of the attendees. GYI was started

Pella High Student questions what student rights entail

On February 24, 1969, in the landmark case Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, it was decided that students do not surrender their constitutional rights at school. But what does this mean for students today? Obviously, certain rules apply at school. While you are permitted to express your opinion according to your freedom

Pella High Students go on Costa Rica Trip

Seventeen students embarked on a seven-day journey to the country of Costa Rica on June 13.  This trip is organized every other year through the Spanish department at Pella High School, with the help of Mellissa Walker and Paloma Soria. In years past, the group has traveled to Spain, but this was the first year

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