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Staff Ed: The End of an Era

As the decade comes to a close, we’re thinking over the past ten years that have shaped who we are, filled us with defining memories, given us our values and passions, and have taught us invaluable lessons. For most high schoolers, this decade is really all we remember. As humans, we tend to fixate on […]

Zoe’s Farewell

Senior Zoe Card has been a member of the Pelladium Staff since freshman year. Card has mainly focused on the operation and management of the Pelladium website. She will be moving on from her role during the spring semester this year, as she continues on to new ventures, as an Iowa House Legislative Page. Card […]

Sleep, Who Needs it?

Sleep, the elusive activity that seems unattainable to the high school student. According to Mayo Clinic, the average teen gets only 7 hours of sleep, roughly 3 hours less than the recommended amount. Experts believe that this lack of sleep is due to excessive technological use, social attitudes and activities, and a hectic high school […]

2010’s Language Trends

Language is constantly evolving and changing. Throughout the past decade, we’ve seen new words, the return of very old words, and words that don’t seem to have any meaning. Here’s a look at the five biggest language trends in the past decade. Selfie  This word needs no explanation, as since its 2013 induction into Webster’s […]

Movements of the 2010s Era

2012: The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington is significant due to the pressure it has put on the government for the reformation of the system. Marijuana usage has a highly unbalanced racial incarceration rate. Some see legalization as a step towards fixing the racial disparities […]

Cultured Butter: the truth about senioritis

As I’ve been going through my senior year here at PHS, I’ve realized that senior year is very different from any other year of high school. Homework is assigned to be finished by a week or more later. Tests come up, and I need to do my own work to determine how to study. And […]

Values of our Generation

Gen Z, Millennials, Boomers, we’ve all heard of them, but with the decade coming to an end, the Gen Z kids are all growing into adults, this includes high schoolers at PHS. Learning what to truly care about is becoming a priority. Being described as realistic, unique, ethical and fiscally responsible, the later generations are […]

Student-Athletes plan their futures

Mason Huerter Q: Do you plan to continue playing football in college? A: I am pursuing playing football in college but have not officially decided yet. If I don’t play football, I will either attend UNI for construction management or go straight into the workforce and take online courses and get a 4-year degree that […]

Behind the Scenes of Almost, Maine

Our newest YouTube video on the Fall play at Pella High: Almost, Maine. Uses interviews talking to the cast about what they have learned and the experience they had. as well as clips from the dress rehearsal to convey the message of Almost, Maine. 

Almost, Maine Review

Almost, Maine is the most commonly performed high school production in the United States, showcasing roughly nine different couples in different stages of their relationships.  Some are meeting for the first time, and others are meeting for the last time. Almost, Maine is the perfect show for a high school audience as it addresses many […]