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Podcast Recommendations

I’m allowed to wear earbuds at work, which has managed to turn me into a real podcast fiend in a relatively short length of time. Of course, there are probably thousands of podcasts, not all of which I have sampled. However, I feel that I have at least some knowledge of what’s out there. So […]

Super Bowl LIV

Seniors Blake, Drake, and Andrew cover the highlights and low points of each team competing in Super Bowl 54.

Frozen 2 Review

For six years, adults and kids alike have been anticipating the sequel to Frozen which became one of the most famous animated movies of this decade.  Frozen 2 takes place 3 years after the events of Frozen. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf are back and better than ever. The “family” embarks on a new […]

Frozen 2 Preview

Frozen 2 Preview Almost 82 years ago, the first Disney princess was born. Snow White was the first of many Disney princesses to come. Snow White and the other Disney princesses put Disney on the map with amazing stories and animation.  However,  Disney didn’t have many Disney princesses after Mulan in 1998.  Princess and the […]

Top 5 New Books to Fall Into

As the leaves change colors and the air gets crisper, it’s time to relax and read a good book.  There are many new books that have come out recently. It’s so hard to choose which one is the best. If you are having trouble finding a book to read this fall, take a look.  1. […]

Chromebooks: It’s not that bad, guys

Pella Community High School has officially made the move from Macbooks to Chromebooks for this academic year, and most of the student body is not pleased. Students dislike the smaller screen, the lower processing power, and the lack of apps such as iMovie and Loggerpro. GoGuardian, the new Lanschool equivalent, also allows teachers to close […]

Avengers: Endgame Review

Even though Endgame has been out for awhile, it is still definitely worth seeing. To say that Endgame was a rollercoaster would be an understatement. One minute I was laughing, the next I was crying.  I wish I could watch it for the first time again. A lot of my thoughts on the movie would […]

Top Shelf Insta Campaign

Due to Top Shelf’s clever instagram campaign, Top Shelf is a very popular place right now for our Pella high students. Top Shelf serves protein/nutrition food, shakes, and teas. Their hours are from 6:30 am to 1 pm. They are great for post workouts because they help you restore your strength. They are nutritious and […]

Dear Evan Hansen Review

Dear Evan Hansen is a musical about a teenage boy, Evan Hansen, who is finding life difficult, balancing his anxiety, social media, and family problems. Hansen was told by his psychiatrist to write letters to himself in an attempt to change his mindset on living. While printing his letter for the day, one of Evan’s […]

Coffee Drink Recommendations

Christmas Cocoa– In this drink, you can really taste the cocoa in it; it’s super rich. It has a very strong chocolate flavor. There’s a bitter-sweet nip when you take a sip. It’s like drinking a brownie. So if you are a huge chocolate lover, this drink would be great for you. Also if you […]