Creepy Clowns

What started as a Halloween hoax has turned into multiple clown sightings throughout the state. There has been threats and sightings of the clowns in both small and large towns in Iowa. This is part of a national trend. People in at least 14 different states have reported that they have seen people dressed as clowns roaming around, and in some cases trying to lure women and children into the woods. However, according to Time Magazine these unsubstantiated reports have not yet led to any serious injuries or deaths.
The clown incidents have caused a panic in many areas. For example, there was an alleged clown incident at the Waukee High School on October 5. Rumors included the clown was holding a knife, a clown knocking on classroom windows, and some said the school was placed on lockdown. Twitter fueled the speculation.
However, according to Kim Norvell from The Des Moines Register, the incidents were not true. A spokesperson from the Waukee School District said the school was never placed on lockdown and no one was asked to leave.
Phil Roeder, director of communications for the Des Moines Public Schools, made this comment. “As has been widely reported by the media, the creepy clown threats seem to be part of a nation wide social media hoax that, unfortunately, is causing concern for people and a waste of time for many. Any threats or clown activity associated with schools must all be treated the same and investigated.”

•Caleb Vitullo,