Shrimp Gang vs. Pastinos

Some of the sophomore boys at Pella High have divided themselves into two groups, The Shrimp Gang and the Pastinos. The Shrimp Gang officially started last year, and the Pastinos were an addition to the groups at Pella High this fall.

We started a group chat on instagram three or four years ago, and we would name ourselves different things. Then we started idolizing Supreme Patty, and we figured out we are shrimps. So we named ourselves shrimp gang,” said Ethan Bogaards.

The Pastinos had more of an outside influence that prompted them to become a labeled group.

“The original five Pastinos have been friends for a long time now. But we became a gang this year when we all were at a dance and someone called us hoes. So we changed our group chat the hoe gang to make fun of them, and later we became Pastino gang. We decided to change it to Pistinos which roughly translates to hoes in Latin,” said Nick DeJong.

The Shrimp Gang and The Pastinos are very tight knit groups of guys. They aren’t always lenient on who can join their groups/gangs.

“How do you know if your a shrimp? Well your a shrimp because of the way you are.  You don’t join the gang, you already are one. Shrimps are the best kind of people. We heavily support another.  One of our idols is Donald J Trump, and we are all huge Republicans. Nobody other than the shrimps are like a shrimp; although, they all want to be one,” said Bogaards.

The Pastinos are a little more welcoming to new coming members.

“They have to be okayed by the OG 5 Pastinos. And since we have become a gang, we have had a couple of Shrimp Gang’s members try and join Pastino gang,” said DeJong.

Even though the Shrimp Gang is called a gang, it  doesn’t mean they are a true gang with violence towards other people. Even though, occasionally, they have wrestling tournaments between their groups. They also do other things with each other.

“We pull shopping cart behind cars and do hick stuff,” said Bogaards.

The Pastinos are a little more lowkey when it comes to the things they do for fun.

“We mainly have sleepovers in Ryan’s basement. We just chill in his basement all night,  hot tub, play video games, and have pool tournaments,” said DeJong.

When it comes down to it, the two gangs are just groups of guys that like to have fun and mess around. Sometimes the Shrimp Gang is offensive to other people, but after a couple recent incidents,  they have learned to their keep opinions to themselves. Someday the groups are going to look back on their high school days and remember all the fun memories with each other.