Valentine’s Day with your favorite couples

With Valentine’s Day just a couple days away, couples are making plans to go out with their loved ones. Our school is filled with couples.  Some have been dating for a long time; some have been dating for a short time. Either way, Valentine’s Day is a special day to show someone how much you appreciate each other. 

For junior Ashley Blommers and sophomore Isaac Semini, they have reached their one year anniversary. Semini and Blommers plan to go out to dinner and spend the rest of their evening watching movies together. Semini enjoys spending time with Blommers, regardless of the day. 

“Ashley can always make my day better by being herself around me, by making me laugh, and I’m happy with her all the time,” said Issac.  “My favorite thing to do with her is just being with her all the time and having fun outside,” said Semini. 

Being in the same grade and dating also comes with benefits. Juniors Ellie Kain and Carter Pringle have been dating for six months now.

“My favorite thing about him is how he can make me happy no matter the circumstances,” said Kain. 

She loves driving around and listening to music with Pringle. This is always a fun thing to do in Pella. Having chill nights together is also fun. They plan on making a tie blanket for their Valentine’s date night. 

Becoming your special someone’s best friend before dating is how seniors Hailey Kowzan and Johnathon Oltman approached their relationship. They talked for a couple of months before officially dating. They have been dating now for five months. Kowzan values Oltman for multiple reasons. 

“He is literally my best friend.  He always knows how to make me smile and laugh. There’s never a dull moment with him, and he’s so respectful towards me. His hair is also to die for,” joked Kowzan. 

Oltman has a basketball game to play on Friday, so Kowzan plans on supporting him and watching him tear it up on the court. They share many memories together. 

“My favorite things to do with him are playing very intense games of pool, watching our show You, or sitting in the golf cart and being his caddy while he golfs,” said Kowzan. 

Whether couples decide to spend money on each other, go out to eat, support each other, or just have a chill night in, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to spread love and appreciate one another.