VSCO girls go viral

Recently the term ‘VSCO girl’ has been used by a lot of teenagers to describe girls that dress or act in a certain way that is very similar to other girls. This nick name came about through the app VSCO. The app is used to post aesthetic, artistic, and trendy photos or videos. Some people would say that the girls who post on VSCO would post some of the same content or post photos of themselves in trendy/similar clothes. The style of a typical ‘VSCO girl’ would be classified as wearing lulu lemon leggings, have scrunchies, wear oversized t-shirts, have birkenstocks or if they have hydro flasks. The joke between teenagers is that every girl who posts on VSCO wears these things, and that’s where the term ‘VSCO girl’ came from.

“To me a vsco girl has a hydro flask, white vans, and scrunchies. They also don’t have a unique style and dresses like everybody else, “ said Annika Boonstra.

When people use call someone a ‘VSCO girl’, it usually carries a negative content. Most girls don’t take it as a compliment. The term is inferring that a girl that wears similar clothing as most girls, she isn’t unique or special. Every girl wants to feel unique.

“I don’t like how people can hate on girls for liking the same things,” Camille Doty.

This isn’t the first time people have hated on girls for dressing similar. A few years ago the term was being a ‘basic girl’. That was when girls wore uggs a lot and posted pictures with their starbucks. It seems like girls have gotten labeled twice for being a certain way. VSCO wasn’t made to label people, it was made to be able to post cool and artistic pictures.

“I hate how VSCO is tied to a girl now I wish it would go back to just being a cool app, “ said Boonstra.