Why Pella High should offer free ACT Prep

If you’re a junior or senior, most likely you’ve already taken the ACT. I have taken it twice now, and have received the same results both times. The thing is I don’t know how I got the same score both times I took it. My first time I studied just a little bit and did poorly on all of the individual tests, and the second time, I studied with the red ACT Prep book and paid for a class to help me get a better score. It didn’t work. That’s when a realization hit me: why should I pay for preparation for a test that costs money just to go to a college that costs a lot of money? Now I got beef with the whole ordeal that the ACT/SAT is required to get into most colleges, and it doesn’t really show how great of a student you are, but that’s not the point. The point I’m trying to get at is that I think Pella High should offer more ACT prep in classrooms instead of paying for extremely expensive courses that may or may not help your score.

The average time they say to study before taking the ACT is two hours a week for two months prior to your test date. That would be so easy to do right before a class period starts! The prep questions are available online or in a red ACT book, if you buy one, so it’s cheap to do. Have it be an entry question to the class like they do in chemistry class. Many students would benefit from this who can’t afford paying for a prep course.

I’m speaking for myself on this one, but if I were forced to study throughout the week, I think I would’ve gotten a better score on the ACT. We pride ourselves as a school on how prepared we are to go to college. Why can’t we add ACT prep to that?