One on One with Will Warner


Fresh off their 26th straight win, the Pella Dutch are currently preparing for their next opponent, number two seed West Delaware. #1 ranked Pella is led by their high scoring offense. Will Warner is one of the leaders of the Dutch offense. I spoke with Will about Pella’s upcoming game against the West Delaware Hawks.


Q: Do you think the long trip to Cedar Falls will have any effect on the team?


A: Well, we were fine when we took a longer trip to Davenport. So, our team will be just as focused going there as they would’ve been if we played anywhere else.


Q: Do you do anything different to prepare for playoff games?


A:  I just think that we are more focused during the playoffs. If you lose, you’re done, so the intensity is at a higher level during the playoffs.


Q: Is it harder to prepare for a team that you aren’t as familiar with?


A: I would say that it is harder to prepare for a team that we aren’t as familiar with just because we don’t know exactly what to expect. We get tape on the team, but you never know how good the other team is until you play them.


Q: Is it difficult to live up to the high expectations that Pella has for you guys?


A:  There is a lot of pressure playing for Pella. But a lot of us love playing under pressure and even perform better.


You can see Warner and the Dutch play Thursday, Nov. 12 in Cedar Falls at 8:21 P.M.