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Pella High parking tickets investigated

Walk through the Pella High School parking lot nowadays and you’ll see little white slips of paper fluttering under windshield wipers left and right. Pella High has seen an uptick in the number of parking tickets distributed within the last two weeks. “There has been an increase in the number of tickets here recently, and […]

Pella High apprentices signed last Wednesday

If you’re looking to be a welder, a chef, a nurse, or an engineering assistant, you can now be part of a program that will give you all the training and experience necessary to start working and making a living straight out of high school. “Apprenticeship is earn while you learn,” said principal Eric Nelson […]

What is the Mueller Report? and Why it’s Important

The Muller Report has been all over the web recently, but many people don’t know what the Mueller Report actually is and why it’s important. What is the Mueller Report? The Mueller Report is the report assembled by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller on whether or not there was collusion between the President of the United […]

National FFA Week

The Pella High School FFA Chapter observed National FFA Week this year on February 18 to February 22. FFA week was full of varying activities open to all FFA members. These activities help promote FFA to others, as well as sharing the impact FFA has on each of its members. One of the ways they […]

Meet the New Principal

Q and A with Adam Beckel Next year Adam Beckel will be taking over Eric Nelson’s position as principal for Pella High School. He and his family are hoping to move here by the end of June. He will take over as principal June 1st of 2019.   Q. What made you want to be […]

What Should MLK Day be About?

Martin Luther King Jr. defied the odds during his time. He had a dream for all the African Americans around the world for there to be a time when there was no racism. He was the chief spokesperson for nonviolent activism during the Civil Rights Movement. King was assassinated in 1968, and the campaign for […]

Michelle Chaplin Resigns from Pella Community High School

On January 15th the Board of Education accepted Michelle Chaplin’s resignation, ending her time at Pella High. To show their concern for the choir program, students and parents took it upon themselves to attend the school board meeting that addressed Chaplin’s decision to leave the school after the school year. One student concerned with this […]

Pella Speech Team to host 2019 district large group competition

On January 19,  Pella Community’s Speech Club will be hosting the district large group competition of 2019 at Pella Community High School. Speech three-time All-Stater, junior Hanna Kendall, is extremely excited to perform in a familiar place this year. “I think that it will really nice for all the performers! I mean, we won’t have […]

Meet the 2018-2019 Tulip Court

Olivia Vander Leest: Queen Olivia Vander Leest is the daughter of Kris and Wayne Vander Leest. She has an older brother Landon(19) and a younger sister Demrie(15). Olivia plans to attend either the University of Iowa or the University of Northern Iowa to study secondary art education. “I wanted to have the opportunity to represent […]

GoFundMe Funds Fraud

If you saw someone drop a $20 bill in front of you, would you tell them? Many people would say, “no.” That is economic greed. When someone sees a lot of dollar signs in their bank account, they automatically feel happy. Money can’t buy you happiness, but this couple thought it would. Mark D’Amico, Kate […]