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October 19, 2018


Zoe Card Goes to the Global Youth Institute

Every October, about 200 students from all around the world gather at the World Food Prize Headquarters for a three-day conference in Des Moines to talk about their solutions to World Hunger. The conference is called the Global Youth Institute (GYI). This year, junior Zoe Card will be one of the attendees. GYI was started

Emily Holterhaus on 2018 volleyball

Q: How does it feel to be one of the senior leaders? A: “I’m a captain for the varsity volleyball team.  The captains and I have to talk to officials before games. A responsibility of mine is to make sure the rest of the team knows where to be and what time. I have leadership

The Marching Dutch Rise Above

This year’s band show, titled “Rise Above,” is a concept show that is different from any show the Marching Dutch has done. The 168 member band has been practicing since July in the midday heat and every day, two weeks leading up to the beginning of this school year.  With a dancing soloist, percussion break,

Pella High Homecoming King and Queen 2018

This year’s Homecoming King and Queen are seniors Luigi Lopez and Hanna Blom. Both Luigi and Hanna are heavily involved in the fine arts at Pella High. This year also marks the fourth year in a row that band kids have dominated the court. “I think band is such a great activity, because it really

Happy Accidents with Zandra Spiker

When I say that I run social media pages for sexual violence, people usually say “ohhh,” and pretend like it doesn’t sound crazy. Some people choose to use me as “an interesting or obscure hobby” on Human Bingo. It isn’t what people would expect a sophomore in high school to do, especially not willingly, but

Pella High teachers turn to early retirement

Three people who have taught and impacted the students of Pella High School have decided to accept the early retirement package that has been offered to the Pella district and start a new chapter in their lives. Teachers, such as Matt Schulte, aren’t the only ones who have made the decision of retiring, Principal Eric

Pella High Students go on Costa Rica Trip

Seventeen students embarked on a seven-day journey to the country of Costa Rica on June 13.  This trip is organized every other year through the Spanish department at Pella High School, with the help of Mellissa Walker and Paloma Soria. In years past, the group has traveled to Spain, but this was the first year

Graduation Speakers Send Off Pella Students of 2018

This year, the student body has selected middle school English teacher Joan Nikkel to be the commencement speaker at graduation on May 25. Nikkel has worked for the Pella Community school district for twenty-three years. During her year with the class of 2018, she made many fantastic memories. “The best memory of the Class of

Staff Goodbye to Veteran Seniors of Pelladium

With graduation coming up, the Pelladium staff is saying goodbye to two longtime staff members, Harley Atchison and Ally Pronina. Both of these girls have worked hard throughout their time on staff to make the Pelladium what it is today. As a journalism team, we are very excited to see where the future will take

Exclusive Interview with Catharine Found

Courtney Paxton had an exclusive interview with Catharine Found, the sister of Caroline Found whose story is told in the movie Miracle Season. This movie is about a seventeen year old girl, Caroline, who died in a deadly moped accident in the beginning of her volleyball season. Caroline’s teammates have to work through their grief

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