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Senior Profiles

Elsie Thoreson Elsie Thoreson has participated in track all through high school. Her highlights of track throughout high school were having strong relationships with her teammates and becoming a better runner. “It’s so fun to train around people that have the same goals and mindset as you do,” said Thoreson. After high school, Elsie plans […]

Disney Live Action Movies

By Tucker De Jong Disney has been releasing “live action” versions of their famous movies from the 90’s. But even though they make a lot of money, does anyone really like them? Some say yes, but I say no. The only reason I would go to one is if I like the original. And that’s […]

Valentine’s Day with your favorite couples

With Valentine’s Day just a couple days away, couples are making plans to go out with their loved ones. Our school is filled with couples.  Some have been dating for a long time; some have been dating for a short time. Either way, Valentine’s Day is a special day to show someone how much you […]

Pete Buttigieg Speaks at Tamory Hall

Credit to Luci Laidlaw Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg came to Pella and spoke at Tamory Hall on Monday, January 20. He first presented his ideas to the crowd and then spent the majority of the time answering questions from the audience members. Some of the main topics he covered were related to gun laws and […]

Zoe’s Farewell

Senior Zoe Card has been a member of the Pelladium Staff since freshman year. Card has mainly focused on the operation and management of the Pelladium website. She will be moving on from her role during the spring semester this year, as she continues on to new ventures, as an Iowa House Legislative Page. Card […]

2010’s Language Trends

Language is constantly evolving and changing. Throughout the past decade, we’ve seen new words, the return of very old words, and words that don’t seem to have any meaning. Here’s a look at the five biggest language trends in the past decade. Selfie  This word needs no explanation, as since its 2013 induction into Webster’s […]

Happy Accidents with Zandra Spiker: The End of an Era

As we approach the end of the 10’s era, I find myself reminiscing on everything that has happened since 2010 began. Although I was alive for the majority of the 2000s, it isn’t really the same when a majority of your memories are watching Dora and retold stories from your family.  At the beginning of […]

Movements of the 2010s Era

2012: The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington is significant due to the pressure it has put on the government for the reformation of the system. Marijuana usage has a highly unbalanced racial incarceration rate. Some see legalization as a step towards fixing the racial disparities […]

Show Choir Combo

This year’s show choir has had some major changes. A new director, a new choreographer, and a new routine. On top of all of that, there is a new combo director. Mr. Place, one of the three band department directors, has volunteered to lead the 11 student musicians that play behind the show choirs as […]

Trio & One

Trio & One is Pella’s hottest new band, coming right out of Pella High and featuring seniors Grayson Parisee on keyboard and trumpet, Jack Stratton on bass,  Jake Schulte on vocals, and junior Issac Piersma on drums.  The band was first dreamed up by Piersma and Stratton after they had the opportunity to play in […]