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Staying Close from Afar

During this weird time in all of our lives where it feels like we’re doing a whole lot of everything and a whole lot of nothing simultaneously, it is important to maintain our connections with others throughout social distancing and quarantine. Not only does this include platonic and romantic connections, but familial connections as well. […]

Podcast Recommendations

I’m allowed to wear earbuds at work, which has managed to turn me into a real podcast fiend in a relatively short length of time. Of course, there are probably thousands of podcasts, not all of which I have sampled. However, I feel that I have at least some knowledge of what’s out there. So […]

Super Bowl LIV

Seniors Blake, Drake, and Andrew cover the highlights and low points of each team competing in Super Bowl 54.

Disney Live Action Movies

By Tucker De Jong Disney has been releasing “live action” versions of their famous movies from the 90’s. But even though they make a lot of money, does anyone really like them? Some say yes, but I say no. The only reason I would go to one is if I like the original. And that’s […]

Snow, Snow, and even more snow

I am fairly new to the freezing cold temperatures. I lived in Alabama for the majority of my life and let me tell you the coldest it got was MAYBE 45 degrees. I also did live in Kansas where I did have some exposure to the cold weather but nothing compared to the weather conditions […]

Happy Accidents with Zandra Spiker: The End of an Era

As we approach the end of the 10’s era, I find myself reminiscing on everything that has happened since 2010 began. Although I was alive for the majority of the 2000s, it isn’t really the same when a majority of your memories are watching Dora and retold stories from your family.  At the beginning of […]

Movements of the 2010s Era

2012: The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington is significant due to the pressure it has put on the government for the reformation of the system. Marijuana usage has a highly unbalanced racial incarceration rate. Some see legalization as a step towards fixing the racial disparities […]

Cultured Butter: the truth about senioritis

As I’ve been going through my senior year here at PHS, I’ve realized that senior year is very different from any other year of high school. Homework is assigned to be finished by a week or more later. Tests come up, and I need to do my own work to determine how to study. And […]

Almost, Maine Review

Almost, Maine is the most commonly performed high school production in the United States, showcasing roughly nine different couples in different stages of their relationships.  Some are meeting for the first time, and others are meeting for the last time. Almost, Maine is the perfect show for a high school audience as it addresses many […]

Cultured Butter: Thoughts on assigned reading

Assigned reading. These two words represent one of the most dreaded parts of any English class. Picking up a book you would never have considered reading otherwise, and being told that you need to finish it within a month (or something, timelines vary). Most of the time, it really feels like there’s no point in […]